Mission Statement


The Mission of the New Mexico Investigative Support Center (NMISC) is to promote and facilitate the sharing and coordination of criminal intelligence throughout the Southwest Border and the 

nation. The NMISC provides criminal drug intelligence services that include investigative case support, event and target deconfliction and the development of strategic intelligence products in support of law enforcement at all levels of government. 

What is Deconfliction?

Case Explorer is first and foremost a deconfliction system to avoid a blue-on-blue situation among law enforcement agencies where more than one agency is conducting an operation in the same area at the same time.


An agency enters an "Event" into Case Explorer that includes date/time/location/type of event. If another agency enters an event during that same date/time/location, that agency will immediately receive a "Conflict" with the first entering agency. The first agency will also receive an email notification of the conflict with the second agency. No case information is shared, only contact information for each agency so the conflict can be resolved safely. Case Explorer will deconflict "Events" within the Case Explorer system, and with RISSafe, SafetyNET and NVPS (National Virtual Pointer System).

Targets and Cases

Case Explorer can also be used for target-matching with other agencies and case management. An agency opens a case in Case Management and enters a "Target" (Person, address, phone number, vehicle, etc.). If another agency has already entered that target into Case Explorer, the agencies will get a "Match" within the Case Explorer system and NVPS only, and agency contact information will be shared with both agencies. This does not match with RISSafe and SAFETnet. The Case Management side can be used to organize your cases digitally all in one place by uploading any documents, files, photos, recordings, etc. and entering names, addresses, vehicles, phone numbers, guns etc. specific to the case. This is only viewable to your agency. A person cannot go "fishing" in the system to see if other agencies are investigating a target or to get case information. The only way to see if an agency is investigating a target is to open a case themselves, enter a target, and get a match. At that point they would still only get contact information for the other agency and what matched specifically (a name OR social OR address, etc.) Other agencies cannot see your case information.



All new Mexico HIDTA participating agencies are required to deconflict all events through Case Explorer, to avoid blue-on-blue situations. Target deconfliction is also encouraged To create an account in Case Explorer please follow the instructions on our Deconfliction page [here]. Contact the ISC for assistance or more details.

Investigative Support

The ISC supports law enforcement investigations using multiple proprietary and open source tools. For assistance with an investigation contact the ISC at NMISC@NMHIDTA.ORG

Information Sharing

Federal, state, tribal and local agencies participate in information sharing through the ISC. To be added to the ISC distribution list or to learn more about the next information sharing meeting contact the ISC at NMISC@NMHIDTA.ORG