All New Mexico HIDTA participating agencies are required to deconflict all events through Case Explorer, to avoid blue-on-blue situations. Target deconfliction is also encouraged.

In order to create an account in Case Explorer, certification in 28 CFR Part 23 is required. Follow these steps to get certified and create an account.

28CFR Part 23 Requirement 

Each Case Explorer user is required to be 28CFR23 certified. A requestor must have a RISS or LEEP account to access the certification process. Use the link below to create an account if you do not have one and to access the certification training. Most questions can be answered in the FAQ tab of the first link.


Case Explorer Access

  • Get 28CFR23 Certified and email a copy to NM HIDTA to keep on file for audit purposes.

Steve Vining (Northern New Mexico)
Rose Maese (Southern New Mexico)

  • Complete the request form (below) and send it to NM HIDTA contacts (above)
  • Complete Case Explorer training. This will be scheduled by NM HIDTA and can be completed by phone.
  • An SSL account will be created for you to access CE and your log-in information will be provided to you by NM HIDTA
  • User will create their CE account by clicking on Register New User once they have logged into their SSL account. An email will be sent to NM HIDTA for approval.